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    Indian Almond Leaves

    Indian Almond Leaves


    Indian almond leaves (IAL) or “magic leaf” have traditionally been used by Betta, Asia Arowana, South American dwarf cichlid (Apistogramma spp.) and some sensitivity tiny characin and barbs breeders in weakly acid and soft water condition to mimic the natural habitat and special water quality parameters. They are believed to aid the fish and shrimp in a number of ways, such as coloration, healthy enhance, inhibit specific ecto- and endo-parasites, and helping fish and shrimp heal after stress and inducing spawning in aquarium tanks. And it is the natural and nice food for Atyidae shrimp also.
    Examples of situations when Indian almond leaves are commonly used
    ● When setting up a new maintain tank.
    ● When a new fish/shrimp/aquatic organisms introduced to tank.
    ● To induce spawning, especially in Betta, Apistogramma and Atyidae shrimp.
    ●  When fish/shrimp is stress, weak, and/or sickness.
    ● Supply the food diversity, especially the omnivorous and herbivorous species.

    Application and Caution :
    1.    You can use it in filter or put into aquarium tank directly.
    2.    Keep this material in dry, clean and cool place.
    3.    Use it up soonest possible and keep it room temperature.
    4.    Only for aquarium and ornamental fish, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!