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    OTTO Reptile Feed

    Blood Worms Premium 15g

    Blood Worms Premium 15g


    OTTO Premium Blood Worms are specially formulated for the health and nutrition of all aquarium
    fish, turtles, crabs, shrimp and amphibians. Utilizing only high quality ingredients and quality
    controlled processing, the bacteria that is usually associated with live food is eliminated.
    The formulation contains no chemicals and heavy metal, thereby reducing water
    pollution and increasing the health of the inhabitants.

    ● High levels of vitamins and trace elements additives.
    ● No chemicals added.
    ● Low water pollution formulation.
    ● Improves growth, maturity and coloration.
    ● Specially designed for all varieties of fish. Crustacean and amphibians.

    Feed at least one to three times daily as much as your fish will consume within approximately
    3~5 minutes.
    Keep in cool dry location. Avoid high temperature and humid environments. For aquarium use
    only. Keep out of reach of children.