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    OTTO Fish Food

    KOI (1kgs.)

    KOI (1kgs.)


    OTTO KOI Fish food is specially formulated for all varieties of KOI. The formulation is designed
    to improve the immune system and ensure proper nutritional absorption and  provide for all KOI.

    ● Low water pollution formulation.
    ● High levels of vitamins and trace elements.
    ● Contains PSB, enzymes, Chinese herb additives, glucan, garlic ensemble and suitable levels
         of proteins and lipids.
    ● Specially designed for all varieties of KOI.
    ● Suitable for feeding pond or aquarium KOI.
    ● Enhances vibrant coloration.
    ● Improves growth, maturity and coloration.

    Feed at least one to three times daily as much as your fish will consume within approximately
    3~5 minutes.
    Keep in cool dry location. Avoid high temperature and humid environments. For aquarium use
    only. Keep out of reach of children.