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    OTTO Fish Food

    Guppy & Neon Bits Fish Food (S)35g

    Guppy & Neon Bits Fish Food (S)35g


    Especially design for the all kinds of the Barb, Tetras and Guppy. High quality and perfect formula.
    It not only promotes the fish growth, but balances the body shape also. Besides, there are many
    special additives in this feed, likes the plumule, shrimp meal, blue-green algae, carotene and
    astaxenthin, β-1, 3 glucan. That can promote fish growth quickly and have a healthy physiological.
    Fed fish continues and stable, you can find the satisfied and amazing result.

    ● Fresh and high quality raw materials.
    ● Strongly induce and like to eat.
    ● Balance nutrition and energy formula.
    ● Perfect color rising and energy formula.
    ● Promote the body type balance.
    ● Stable and low water pollution.

    Feed at least one to three times daily as much as your fish will consume within approximately
    3~5 minutes.
    Keep in cool dry location. Avoid high temperature and humid environments. For aquarium use
    only. Keep out of reach of children.