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    OTTO Fish Food

    Bottom Fish Food (XL)400g

    Bottom Fish Food (XL)400g


    OTTO Bottom Feeder (sinking) Premium Fish Food is specially formulated for all varieties of bottom
    feeding herbivorous fish, including Genus Plecostomus and Catfish. The formulation is designed
    to improve the immune system and ensure proper nutritional absorption for bottom feeding fish.
    The Specialized Diet For Pleco and Corydoras! This food was specifically developed for the hard to
    feed plecostomus and other bottom feeders. Special disc shape allows easy access, and will not
    dissolve and superfluous powder which cloud the water. Nutritional excellence, complete and
    balanced nutrition also. High in stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and build immunity to
    pathogens and infection. Great for Plecostomus, herbivorous and omnivorous fishes, respectively.

    ● Low water pollution formulation.
    ● High levels of vitamins and trace elements.
    ● Specially designed for all varieties of bottom feeding fish.
    ● Improves growth, maturity and coloration.

    Feed at least one to three times daily as much as your fish will consume within approximately
    3~5 minutes.
    Keep in cool dry location. Avoid high temperature and humid environments. For aquarium use
    only. Keep out of reach of children.