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    OTTO Water Additive

    Aqua-plant Nutrition (M)250ml

    Aqua-plant Nutrition (M)250ml


    Especially designed for tropical aqua plants, it not only helps the plant to grow well, but also
    makes the plant healthy and beautiful. Doesn`t affect the aquarium water pH or hurt the fish.
    Includes added trace elements, minerals and plant hormones.

    (10ml & 20ml volume per cap)
    Add 5ml for every 10 gallons or 40 liters of aquarium water. Shake well before use.
    Add the Aqua-plant Nutrition 1-2 times every 7-10 days.

    ● Ideal for aquatic plant.
    ● Do not use active carbon during application to prevent the diminishing of medicine efficacy.
    ● Please keep in a dry and cool place. Aquarium Use Only! Keep out of sight and reach of children.